Fast Technique for Organic Fertilizer Production.

Steps for Organic Fertilizer Production:

  • Size of vermicompost unit is 7*3*1 cubic feet. In this the length of unit is 7 feet, width is 3 feet and height is 1 foot. Please do not make vermi unit of more height. Height may be kept 1, 1.5 and 2 feet only. One feet height is best. Farmers may construct units of different sizes as per their requirement. One unit of above given size is sufficient for one 0.4 Hectare (One Acre)

  • Vermicompost unit is constructed with bricks and cement. Plaster is done to all sides or walls- inside, outside and floor. One side of floor of unit is kept lower. At this corner a pipe is inserted to collect vermi-wash.
  • Farmers can make the vermicompost unit with plastic sheet. Or plastic vermicompost unit can be purchased online or from agriculture input shop at the cost of Rs. 2-3 thousand per unit. But this unit is not durable. Its durability is only for 2-3 years.
  • 15-30 days old dung of cow or buffaloes is filled in vermicompost unit. Fresh dung should not use for vermicomposting. The unit is filled up to 45 cm or 0.75 feet. Unit is not filled fully; some place from upper side should be left unfilled.
  • Water is sprayed over the dung after filling the unit. Wet the dung sufficiently that water should not come out from the dung.
  • Now the hut is made over the vermicompost unit. This hut must cover entire unit. The sunlight must not come on dung at any time of the day. Its height should be kept like that a person should bow while entering into the unit.
  • Wait for 4-5 days to cold the dung thoroughly. After this the earthworms are put in the unit. At one side of unit a shallow pit is made and in this pit the earthworms are spread on the dung and wait for some time (5-10 minutes). After some time, the earthworm go inside the dung and the pit is covered with a very thin layer of dung. Or the earthworms can be spread on the dung at one side of unit and wait for some time. This must be done in early morning or in the evening.
  • The entire dung is covered with the bags of jute after putting earthworm in the unit and little water is spread over the dung.
  • After 4 – 7 days the vermicomposting can be seen. The composting will start, it can be seen uncovering or removing the jute bag from the dung at one side.
  •  The vermicompost is ready in 45 days. It can be used in field directly or can be stored in bags for next crops.

  • When vermicompost is ready, make the heap of compost and wait for some time the earthworms will go inside, now take the compost and keep it at other side, again make the heap and wait for some time, the earthworms will go inside than remove the compost. Follow this method to separate the compost from the earthworms. Or compost can be separated by sieving.
  • At last the maximum vermicompost can get  separated from the earthworm. And the small heap of earthworms and vermicompost remain.
  •  Now fill the unit again as given above and put the mixture of earthworms and compost into the dung of the unit. So, the vermicomposting will happen continuously.
    • 1.5 to 2 kg. earthworms are sufficient for the one unit.
    • So, like this farmer can make the vermicompost easily.
    • N:P:K ratio is 1.25 – 2.25% : 1.5-2.5% : 1-2%
    • 2 MT vermicompost is sufficient for one acre with other organic components.
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