Where to Apply for License of Seed, Pesticides & Fertilizers,

License for Fertilizer, Seed & Pesticides with & Without Agriculture Degree.
License for Seed, Pesticides & Fertilizers.
Agriculture Inputs (seed, Pesticide & Fertilizers)
Where to Apply for License of Seed, Pesticides & Fertilizers

  1. B.Sc., M.Sc., & Ph.D.  (Agriculture)
  • Person who have B. Sc. or higher degree of Agriculuture can get license for Seed, Pesticides & Fertilizer.
  • B. Sc. Agriculture-
  • B.Sc. Agriculture includes agriculture, Horticulture, agriculture engineering, Fisheries, veterinary etc. Generally, persons who possess degree in fisheries & veterinary do not apply for License for Agriculture inputs.
  • 2. B. Sc. Or M. Sc. (Biology, Zoology, Botany, Math)
  • If they have chemistry subject during their course curriculum or degree.
  • Such person can get license of seed, pesticides & fertilizers.
3. Sc. Or M. Sc. (Biology, Zoology, Botany, Math)
  • Passed persons if do not have chemistry subject during their course curriculum or degree.
  • Such person can get license of seed, & pesticides only.
  • They cannot get Fertilizers license.
4.  Sc.  M. Sc.  or Ph.D. (Chemistry)

. The person who have degree in chemistry can get license of Seed, Pesticides & Fertilizer.

5. License of Fertilizers.

Agriculture Diploma from an Affiliated or authorised Institute.

If they do not fulfilled above given requirement then such Persons can get  Agriculture Diploma from Affiliated or Authorised Institute and then can apply for license of Fertilizer.

6. License of Seed
  • There no need of any degree for seed license.
  • Minimum 10th passed or Higher educated person can apply for seed license.
  • Where to Apply for Licenses-
  • For Pesticides, Fertilizers and Field Crops seed License apply in Agriculture Department of your own District.
  • And apply for vegetable & fruit seed license in Horticulture Department.
7. Old Agriculture Dealers
  • Old Agriculture inputs Dealers who do not have degree of agriculture, Biology or Chemistry and want to renew their license can apply for agriculture diploma.
  • Dealers can get information about it from agriculture department of their own District.
  • The name of Diploma is –  (Diploma in Agriculture Extension Services for Input Dealers.)
  • Its class will be conducted on every Sunday.
  •  Duration for diploma is 48 weeks or one year.
  • Cost or fees of this Diploma is Rs. 20000/- ( Twenty Thousand Rupees Only).
  • 8. New Dealers-
  • New Dealers can take seed, pesticides & fertilizers from big and old whole seller or Dealers.
  • and can run their business softly.
  • and after some years when they have good turnover can take agriculture input directly from company.
  • So, any person/Farmer who fulfilled these formalities can take license of input and can run a business.
  • For more information search our channel —-Digital Kheti—– on YouTube and see some video related to it.
  • Thank You.



21 thoughts on “Where to Apply for License of Seed, Pesticides & Fertilizers,”

  1. Sir I have done diploma in agriculture after 10th from private university and i want to take a licence of fertilizer, seed, and pesticides.
    So, you tell me i take a licence or not

  2. I am b.sc chemistry qualified and m.sc chemistry last semister .can I get fertilizer,seeds, pesticides license and how?

    1. Contact agriculture department of your district. or visit my youtube channel – Digital kheti —- on youtube.

  3. Sir I’m graduate in bsc physical science with chemistry from delhi university. I had chemistry in my all 3 years . Can i apply for pesticide license

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