Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business Training

Agri-clinics and Agri-Business Training-

  • This is a training course in which agriculture related persons are provided training so that they can establish their own business.
  • In this training the persons are trained about businesses which are related to agriculture.
  • The main motive behind it, is to provide employment to the agriculture persons so that these agriculture students can serve farmers in better ways.
  • These persons are already remain agriculture educated, when this training is provided to them this helps them to understand the business in better ways, so they are able to run the business using their education in the development of agriculture and the farmers status too.
  • This training is for two month. In this training students are provided lodging and boarding at free of cost.
  • The students have to attend class by living in the institute hostel.
  • So they can learn the business strategy and handling of business.
  • Concepts-

  • Agri-clinics- these are small size businesses and provide technologies and services to the farmers.
  • Agri-Business- these are kept for some big type industry. In which some product are produced which may be used by anyone but the raw material comes from the agriculture.
  • But the training aspirant should not be confused, he can take part in any agriculture business.
  • All the students are provides training of both in one class in the institute.
  • Eligibility for Candidates-

  • The aspirants should be graduate in agriculture and allied (fisheries, veterinary, horticulture and others).
  • He may be graduated from biology, but must be post graduated in agriculture and allied.
  • An aspirant should have diploma in agriculture and allied.
  • 12 th pass aspirant above 55% marks.
  • The persons who have above given eligibility can apply for this training.
  • Training Institute- This training is managed by National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management (MANAGE) Hyderabad. This institute establishes Nodal Training institute in states where the student of same state can apply and can take training for these courses.
  • Process of Apply and selection of Candidates-

  • To take part in this training, candidate will have to apply online on these websites-

  • There is another way to apply to this training. There is a nodal training institute in every institute where candidate can apply offline by submitting his document with the application form.
  • If the candidates apply online their application is forwarded to the nodal institute of his state. So there is no matter how candidate apply.
  • The list and address of the nodal institute can be seen on manage website.
  • After the application, candidates are called to come to institute where an interview is taken, and then candidates are selected for the training.
  • In each batch there is 35 candidates are selected for training.
  • Financial Support for Business after Training-

  • After this training a trained candidate can take a loan 20 lakh rupees. And a group of trained candidates can take up to 100 lakh rupees.
  • The trained candidate will have to invest 10 % of the project cost.
  • Payment and Subsidy on Loan-

  • Repayment of the loan can be done up to 5-10 years.
  • Subsidy is provided up to 44 % of the project cost to the women, SC/ST & all categories of candidates from north east and hill states.
  • Subsidy will be 36% of the project cost to the other candidates.
  • Training Under Agri-Clinics & Agri-Business-

  • Extension consultancy services • Soil and water testing laboratories • Shop of Agriculture input (fertilizer, Pesticides, Seed, machinery etc.)• plant Micro-propagation units. • Custom hiring centre • Seed production and processing units; • Vermi culture units; • Production of bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticide • Bee-Keeping • Agricultural insurance services; • Agri tourism • Agri journalism • Poultry and fishery hatcheries; • veterinary services • Feed production, marketing and testing units. • Cool chain of cold storage Post harvest management centers. • Horticulture nursery, landscaping, floriculture • Sericulture; • Vegetable production and marketing; • Retail marketing outlets for processed agri-products. • Mushroom production; • Production, processing and marketing of medicinal and aromatic plants; • Production units like dairy, poultry, piggery, fisheries, sheep rearing, goat rearing, emu rearing, rabbit rearing etc.


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