Agriculture Technology Management Agency.


Krishi Takiniki Prabandhan Agency

This is a central government sponsored scheme which is controlled  by agriculture department of all states and union territories of India. This is the schemes which is fully designed for the extension of the agriculture among the farmers. And this project is doing excellent job in agriculture. this project is fully engaged in dissemination of the information by different method. This is working not only working in the agriculture but also they are for the others thing related to the farmers like poultry, Pisciculture, sericulture , Horticulture, animal husbandry, veterinary etc.


  • Extension of agriculture innovative techniques and research done by research centres, krishi vigyan kendre agriculture universities  etc. among by farmer by the use of different extension tools and methods.

ATMA Man force Network in District

  • Project Director Atma (one Post)at district level
  • Deputy Project Director atma ( 2 Posts) at district level
  • Block Technology Manager (one Post) at Block Level
  • Assistant Technology Manager ( three Post ) at block level)
  • Kisan Mitra/Didi/ farmer Friend at village level ( one farmer Friend/didi will be within two village.
  • Tool of Extension of Techniques
  • Training Trainings are organized at village, Block, District, within State and out of State level to train the farmer about the agriculture Techniques. and provide information about the agriculture or crop production.
  • Tours-
  • Tours are organized at District, within State and out of State level to the farmer to expose the Agriculture Techniques live for 3, 5 or 10 days. Farmers are visited to agriculture KVK, institutes and universities etc. and see the new or innovative technique by face to face and may ask their question from the scientist to understand well.
  • Demonstration
  • In this inputs are provided for the farmer according the demonstrations.
  • The demonstration may in fisheries, crop production, bee keeping and others.
  • In these, new techniques, new breed, new packages of practices of production are demonstrated at the farmer fields.
  • so that farmers can understand the method of production.
  • by seeing this demonstration others farmers can use this technique at their own field to take higher yield.
  • in this all the input of one acre like full dose of fertilizer, seed, seed treatment material, and crop protection material is provided to the farmers.
  • Now the money is provided in limited quantity as per requirement of one acre in their account and farmer can purchase the input as per his need.
  • Front Line Demonstration
  • In this demonstration, new or best agriculture techniques are demonstrated on farmer field in supervision of agriculture scientists. and different parameters are recorded by the scientists.
  • Farmer Sanghoshthi
  • This is done at village, Block and District level.
  • In this the scientists give information related to crop production, fisheries, animal husbandry, dairy etc according to farmer demand and need.
  • Farmers participate in this and use the told information in their farming.
  • Capacity Building Training
  • In this training, farmer get training of business related to agriculture e.g. – dairy, bee keeping, seed production, organic farming, poultry.
  • And farmers are encouraged to make self help group so that they can setup their agriculture business at village level.
  • Innovation
  • In this new machinery, new crop, new equipments, new technique are provided to the group of farmer, societies, Farmer Producers Companies or for individual farmers. New techniques are introduced in the working area by the innovation. for example the farmers want to sown the crop in plastic mulching then the limited  farmers are provided mulching machine.
  • Seed money
  • In this some money is provided to Self Help Group so that by using this money farmers can grow the crops or others by using this.
  • To get  seed money, documents of the meeting, name the of the group member their group account number etc are submitted in the office of BTM at the Block office with the application for seed money. the district staff choose the according some criteria on basis of running status of the group
  • Farmer and Group Award
  • In this  award money and certificate are given to farmer and groups, which are doing something excellent in agriculture, animal husbandry, dairy, horticulture etc. This is given every year at Block, District and State Level. in this farmers will have to apply with the photo graph, photocopy of input bills and others tour or training certificate.
  • Farmer Fare
  • This is organized at District level every year
  • In this Government Department and Private Companies related to farmer, display their schemes, agriculture inputs (seed, pesticides, farm machinery, Fertilizer etc.)  and  their product in the stall to the farmers.
  • And the scientists are invited to give technical knowledge to the farmers.
  • Farmer Friend
  • One farmer friend is appointed for two villages.
  • Farmer friend disseminate the information given to him by ATMA staff and by training, among the farmers.
  • He also assists to ATMA staff in organizing training and schemes in the village.
  • so all the farmers are requested to take benefit of this project and it is running in all state, no matter where you live. So to take benefit of this schemes, contact to Block Technology manager of the your Block or Farmer Friend ( kisan Mitra) of your Village.


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