Air layering in Guava

Prepare new seedling of Guava, Air layering in Guava

Gooty in Guava to prepare new seedling.

  •  This is the method of vegetative propagation to prepare new seedling in guava. By this method farmers can prepare new plant to plant a new orchard of guava. The plant prepared by this method grows fast and give more production. To start this method first we have to select a plant which produces good quality fruit. So selection of the plant should be done carefully. Because the seedling prepared from them will be of same quality as mother plant (from which new plant is prepared is called mother plant.) has.
  • Procedure of air layering or gooty.-
  • First select a high quality plant. Now select a branch of pencil size. In this selected branch a 1-1.5 inch length part is chosen. This part should be some far from the joint which is connected to main branch. Now make a cut of round shape through the branch by the help of knife. Now remove the peal from the cut portion. Then take rooting material and tie it on the cut with the help of polythene and thread. Tie it tightly.
  • After 21-25 days the root will come out from the cut. Now make a cut the branch below the tied rooting material with root. And plant this seedling in pot to grow. Watering is done regularly. Now the new seedling will ready to plant in the field. So by this method farmers can grow more number of seedlings from the single plant.
  • Air layering is done from 15 July to 15 September.  This is the suitable period to prepare new seedling. So the result come well and plant can be prepared easily. In this period root come fast.
  • The seedling prepare from this method will have the same quality as mother plant has.
  •  Rooting material – sphagnum moss is best rooting material to air layering in plants. This can be purchased from big cities near to farmer or can be purchased online selling website where it can be found easily. It remain some costly but if a large quantity of plant is to be prepared than it can be used.
  • To prepare plant in small quantity- the rooting material can be made easily.
  • To prepare rooting material take-
  • 4 part of well rotted dung khad/compost/vermi compost
  • 4 parts saw dust
  • One part sand
  • And one part soil of the field. Mix this material and mix some quantity of water. Now rooting material is ready for air layering.

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One thought on “Air layering in Guava”

  1. Hi,
    Very nice piece of information on air layering. I was interested in this methodology for quite few days.
    I would be happy if anyone can answer few of my doubts
    1) the new seedling which is cut from the mother plant, can it be grown permanently in a big pot home? Or it should be planted in fields?
    2) I have seen Many videos, may be real or fake ones, the new seedling were yielding fruits in pot. Is it true?
    3) if the stem chosen is a fruit bearing already, will it continue to fruit in pot?

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