DAESI, Agriculture inputs,- Fertilizers, Seeds, Pesticides

DAESI, Diploma in Agriculture Extension Services for Input Dealer.

Business of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides is very reputed. Margins are enough good in this. So, person who pursue this business get good benefit.

Agriculture inputs — Fertilizers, Seeds & Pesticides. Fertilizers and Manure – In this NPK, DAP, single super phosphate/ super, Urea, Murate of Potash/ Potash, Sulphur, Zink Sulphate etc Fertilizers come. In includes all kind of fertilizers viz. organic, chemical, liquid, solid etc. Seeds- it includes hybrid, BT, certified etc. seeds of maize, sorghum, pearl-millet, cotton, sunflower, wheat, chick pea, soybean etc. Pesticides – This includes insecticide, which is used to control insects of the crops, fungicides, which is used to control diseases and weedicides, which is used to control weed or waste plants in the crops. It includes both kind of organic and chemical pesticides.So, anyone who wants to run business of agriculture inputs can contact in agriculture and horticulture government department to acquire license .

I have made four videos regarding- eligibility for license, required documents and fees of the license. These videos can be seen on our YouTube channel – Digital Kheti. Link of this channel can be seen at the end of this post. I have written also some blog post about this, which can be seen by scrolling down the posts.

DAESI, Diploma in Agriculture Extension Services for Input Dealers. Earlier anyone can take the agriculture input license whatever education he has. But now the law or eligibility for input license, has changed. This change is made to provide necessary and appropriate, knowledge about fertilizer, seed and pesticide to the farmers through well trained dealers. So, the old dealers or sellers of inputs ( who practice agriculture input business already) who do not have requisite eligibility for license, can do this diploma. After getting this diploma they can run their business further. Without this diploma the old dealers can not renew their input licenses.

To pursue this diploma, they can contact to agriculture department. Its fee is Rs. 20 thousand. In this diploma there is total 48 session of classes. these session are consisted of  40 sessions of classroom teaching and 8 session of practical session. In practical session the dealers will be taken for field visit. Classes of this diploma will be held on each Sunday or on public holidays. This is one-year diploma course. During these sessions, tea and lunch are arranged to them. Vehicles are also arranged for field visit.

To start a batch in diploma course, 40 registration of dealers is required. After completion the sessions, examination will be conducted. Certificate of DAESI will be given to aspirants who get 40 % and more 40 % of the total marks. This diploma is offered from MANAGE, Hyderabad. Diploma course is managed by  agriculture department in the district. To apply for this diploma duly filled application is deposited with fees receipt and two recent passport size photos in agriculture department of your (dealer) district.

Nodal training centre for diploma is decided by MANAGE, Institute Hyderabad and district agriculture department under guidance of state agriculture department.10 thousand rupees are subsidized by DAC, Government of India from fee amount of 20 thousand Rs.Diploma is offered in the district of dealers.

There is not necessary to do this diploma course to the Old dealers who or their family members, have eligibility as per the new guideline or law. So old dealers can submit copy of their or their family member educational certificate in the agriculture department at the time of license renew. Other persons can be sponsored behalf of them to do the diploma if dealers or their family member can not do diploma due to some reasons.

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