Direct Benefit Transfer in Agriculture


  • Direct Benefit Transfer in Agriculture-

  • This is the government schemes in the agriculture and allied department that the whatever input given to the farmer in the subsidy. the amount of the subsidy will come in the account of the farmers.
  • for example if farmers the farmer is selected for the demonstration then the farmer will purchase the all the input according to the decided budget and after purchasing and sowing the field according to the prescribed procedure then the cost of the input will be given in the account of the farmer after submitting the bill in the department. same will be followed in others.
  • Farmers are provided agriculture input (fertilizers, pesticides, seed and machinery etc.) at subsidy so that their cost of cultivation can be reduced and they can earn more.
  • Subsidy on the agriculture will encourage the farmers to purchase new machinery and input the field so that their production can be increased. The subsidy in provided by all department like agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, animal husbandry etc. department. So farmer can contact to these department as per their requirement.
  • Why DBT
  • Earlier the inputs come in the department sometime it’s come at delayed.
  • Government has to bear extra cost of fare and go-down.
  • The inputs are not as good as farmer needs
  • Their quality is always suspected.
  • Farmer need is different the items come is the department is different.
  • Earlier farmer have to apply offline in the department so they get late in purchasing the item.
  • Sometime the budget is allotted as per requirement but the item demand is not coming then higher authority can change the budget allocation in the item which require more by the farmers.


  • How much subsidy on which item will be given to the farmer will be decided earlier.
  • Farmer will be benefited first come first get basis.
  • In this the subsidy money will come in the account of the farmers.
  • To take benefit of subsidy, farmers will have to register online on the departmental website.
  • And where the registration is offline farmer will be given benefit on the basis of first come first get basis.
  • Procedure of DBT-
  • After the registration, the permission for purchase will come, after that the farmer can purchase the item which he has registered earlier.
  • After that the bill of the item and other document will be deposited in the related department.
  • Farmer will have to pay full amount of the item and can purchased the item.
  • Farmer will have to purchase the item from the registered shop which has GST Number also.
  • The physical verification- in this the officer of the department will come for verification the item it has been purchased or not. And he will summit the verification report in department with the bill of item and document of the farmer.
  • After sometime the subsidy amount will come in the account of the farmer.
  • For example the cost of the 3 sprinkler and 21 pipes are 18500 so the farmer will have to purchase this item by paying 18500 rupees to dealer, and the subsidy on sprinkler is 12000 then after the physical verification and submitting the document in department, the subsidy amount of 12000 will come in the account of the farmer.
  • Document for the registration-
  • For the registration required the following document-
  • Identity card- Aadhar Card.
  • Bank passbook photocopy.
  • Khata khasra( document of the land)
  • Farmer passport size photo.
  • Caste certificate ( in case of SC & ST)
  • Benefit for the farmers-
  • By this method the farmers can get subsidy on agriculture input.
  • The quality of the input will be as per the need of the farmers.
  • There will be no suspense on the amount of the subsidy.
  • This DBT is applicable in all states.
  • The land is on the name of farmer the document will be required of the same person.
  • For example the land is on the name of ramlal singh then the all the document must be of Ramlal.

In all the state there is a website where farmers have to register   to take benefit of the subsidy.

To know the name of the website farmer can contact to the agriculture or related department from where he want to take benefit of subsidy.

They may also call to kisan call centre number 18001801551 of their state.

They can ask the cyber cafes where they have the knowledge about the agriculture schemes.

Farmers can search agriculture website by searching on Google.

There are some schemes- Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY).,

National food security mission9 (NFSM),

National Horticulture Mission (NHM)

These are the big schemes in the agriculture and allied.

This is running entire the country.

Under these schemes the subsidy is provided to the farmers.

So farmers can take benefit of these schemes.

Under these schemes the farmer can take – spray pump, sprinkler, drip irrigation system, seed drill, thresher, diesel motor, diesel engine, rotavator, laser land leveler and other implement which required for the agriculture purpose.

Under these schemes small to big machinery may be taken by the farmers.

New and innovative machinery can be purchased under these schemes.

In madhyapradesh the website name is ( for the agriculture machinery and equipment) ( for the horticulture Schemes)

For more information you can search our youtube channel –


This channel may be searched on Google too.



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