Farmer Friend

  •  How to get information about agriculture in village at no cost.

  • Farmer Friend-

  • Schemes- in all state there is a schemes is running which is called Agriculture Technology Management Agency, in short ATMA. Under this scheme the information related to agriculture and allied (others which are related to agriculture). In this scheme the new and improved techniques of cultivation are dissemination among the farmers.
  • Farmer Friend- under this scheme farmer friend is appointed.
  • The appointment of farmer friend is done from the proposed list of name of farmers for farmer friend from the gram panchayat.  
  • This list is evaluated at Block and district level from the executive committee of the officers of different department.
  • For every two revenue village one farmer friend is appointed.
  • Training for Famer Friend-
  • Training is given to the farmer friend every  year.
  • This training is provided by the scientist of krishi Vigyan Kendre and officer of different department.
  • In this training farmer friend gets innovative and latest information about crop production and animal husbandry, horticulture etc.
  • Farmer friend is also provides subsidy schemes of the different department related to agriculture and farmers.
  •  Responsibility of Farmer Friend-
  • He provides information what he gets during training to the farmers of his village or village of his working area.
  • ATMA officer- Block Technology Manager gives him other information related to the agriculture that is also dispersed among the farmers.
  • In atma project farmers are given study tour or training related to agriculture, for this he informs the farmer to participate in it.
  • Some time by the atma official and agriculture department officers give training in the village so he has to inform people about the training.
  •  He gives timely information which comes time to time and the information about subsidy on agriculture input, to the farmers.
  • If farmers want to know something else he provides the contact detail of the department officer.
  • Honorarium to farmer friend-
  • 6000 Rs. Per year is provided to farmer friend as salary for his expenses to travel or food when he go to attend the meeting of the department or to other expenses  which is done while working for department.
  • Farmers of the Village-
  • The farmer’s friend lives in the village so farmers of his village can take information related to agriculture any time.
  • Farmers can take information about schemes in agriculture and subsidy on the agriculture input (seed, pesticides, machinery etc,)
  • Farmers can take information about agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, animal husbandry or other department.
  • Farmers can also go on agriculture tour by taking information about the tour.
  • Farmers can ask to him to arrange the training in their village.
  • Farmer friend is full source of information related to agriculture for the farmers.
  • So farmers have some issue can convey this to department through farmer friend
  • Farmers can take benefit of the schemes or cultivation techniques by asking from him.
  • In all state and village appointment of farmer friend has been done, so farmer can know who our village farmer friend is by visiting one time agriculture or atma office.

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