Farming of Sweet Corn Maize

Production Technique of Sweet Corn Maize-

Cultivation of Sweet Corn Maize,

  1. We all know about the production of the maize because in most of the state of our country, sowing of maize is done. Today we are going to discuss about cultivation of sweet Corn Maize.
  2. The production of this maize is same as production of common maize. Sweet corn is grown for production of green cobs which are sale in the market. The cob of this maize is very sweet in comparison to common maize. The rate of it cob is higher than the cob of common maize. So by growing sweet corn farmers can earn more/Acre.
  3. Sowing of sweet corn- the field is prepared with plough and leveled by the leveler. Then the dibbling of seed is done by hand with the help laborers.
  4. Spacing- it is sown 60*30 centimeters distance row to row and plant to plant.
  5. Seed rate- the seed rate is 2.5 to 3 kilogram/acre.
  6.  The cost of seed is very high in comparison to normal maize.
  7. Seed cost is 2000-2500 Rs. /Kg.
  8. Time of sowing-Now a days the maize can be sown in any Rabi, kharif and Zaid season. But farmers have to take care in sowing that the crop of sweet corn is sown some earlier to main season because the production of the maize is done for selling of the green cob so if the cobs come in the market some earlier than the rate of the cobs is higher.
  9. Sweet Corn Cob- After 60-75 days of sowing, the cob of the maize is ready to harvesting. Harvest the cob and sale it in the market.
  10. Rate of the green cob- the rate of the cobs is 20-30 Rs. /Kg in the mandi at wholesale rate. If the farmers sale these cobs in retail than the rate will be 50-60 Rs. /kg. So farmers can sale these cobs as per is ease. This rate is very high in comparison to cobs of normal maize cob which rate is very lower.
  11. Income from the green cobs sale- by the sowing of the sweet corn a farmer can earn 40-60 thousand/acre.
  12. The cobs are eaten by roasting the cob over fire. The corn cobs are very sweet in taste so the people like very much to eat the green cobs.
  13. In this case the field also becomes vacant early so farmers can grow next crop on this the same field and can earn more in same time period.
  14. The crop growing duration of sweet corn is 70-80 days only. The fertilizer given to the crop is also utilized by next crop too.

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