Highest Fruiting in Grapes

Highest Fruiting in Grapes.   Bahar control in grapes . Fruiting in Grapes. Jamfal me Bahar niyantran,

Bahar control is done to take high production and high-quality fruits in grape plants. Flowers come three times in grape plants, this is called Bahar.  In grape plants flowers come twice and thrice time in north-east India and in west-south India respectively. So, these flower seasons are called Mrag Bahar, Ambe Bahar and Hast Bahar.

Ambe Bahar – in this season flowers come in February-march month and fruiting comes in rainy season (June-September). Fruit quality of this season is not good and the fruits are less sweet.

Hast Bahar – In is this season flowering occurs in October – November month and fruiting occurs in February-April month. The quality of fruit of this season is good but yield is low.

Mrag Bahar – in this season, flowering occurs in June – July month and fruiting occur in November-January month. The quality & taste of fruits are good and yield of fruits is high in this season. So, in India the fruit of Mrag Bahar season is taken. To take Fruiting of this season, the fruiting of the rainy season crop viz. Ambe Bahar fruiting is avoided. This technique is called Bahar control.

Bahar Control – 1. Remove soil near of roots – in this method, the irrigation is stopped and the soil near of roots is removed in month of April – May. So, the root is exposed to sunlight. Result of it soil moisture is reduced and the leaves of plant are dropped down and the plants become dormant. Now after 20-25 days root is covered with soil and after fertilizing, irrigation is done.

2. Use of Fertilizers – the flowering is also increased by using fertilizers to the plants.

3. By Stopping Irrigation – to take fruits in Mrag Bahar, the irrigation is stopped from February to 15 of May month. Due to this, the leaves drop down and the plants become dormant. In middle of May month, the plant is fertilized and irrigation is done. So, the flowering and fruiting increase in Mrag Bahar.

4. Use of Growth Regulator – in this, growth regulators are used example- NAA – 1000 PPM, Naphthalene acetamide – 50 PPM, 2-4-D – 10-30 PPM and Urea @ 10 % are used as growth regulator to control flowering or Bahar. Growth regulator is used to remove flowers of Bahar. which Bahar flowers are not required, are removed by the use of growth regulators.

5. Removing flowers with hands – Flowers are removed with the hand for Bahar control.  Generally, all the flowers and small fruits are removed at the end of April and at the beginning of May month, so that fruiting in Mrag Bahar can be higher.

6. The grapes plants which has erect branches, bear less fruits. To increase fruit bearing in such types of branches, these branches are tied by the help of rope with the wooden stick (toggle) by bending these branches in the month of April-June. And remove all the small branches, leaves, fruits and flowers except first 10-12 pairs of apex part. Using this method, the fruiting will be higher at these branches. Courtesy – Madhy Bharat Krashak Bharti. 

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