How to claim crop insurance

How to apply for crop Insurance.
  • How to claim crop insurance.
  • Debated Farmers- (compulsory)- Farmers who have credit card/Kisan Credit Card (KCC) or loan from the bank. They must have crop insurance. Banks insure their crop if they have credit card from the bank compulsorily. The bank will take insurance premium from their loan account. So, there is no more problem for these debated farmers. If they want to make changes in crops or others information they can contact to their bank.
  • Undebated Farmers- farmers who do not have credit card or loan from the bank can apply for crop insurance. They are advised to take crop insurance essentially.
  • Document for undebated farmers-
  • Completely filled Crop Insurance Application.
  • Khata khasra/bhoo adhikar patrika/Document of agriculture/crop land.
  • Crop sowing Certificate from Patwari/field agriculture officer.
  • Identity Card- Aadhar Card, Voter-ID, Rashan Card or Pan Card etc.
  • Premium Amount
  • All these documents are deposited with premium in your bank.
  • How to know Premium amount of insurance- contact agriculture department of your block or District, bank where farmer has his account. They can search online to this website –
  • Last date of insurance- Farmer can insured their crops up to last date from the date of sowing.
  • Last date of crop insurance is 15 January for rabi crops and 31 august for kharif crops. Up to this date farmers can deposit premium amount in their bank. Sometimes dates may vary according to area.
  • The premium amount is 1.5% of insured amount for Rabi Crops and 5% for cash & commercial crops and 2% for Kharif Crops, of insured amount.
  • For example, insured amount for wheat crop is 54000 Rs. /ha then the premium amount @ 1.5 % will be (54000*1.5)/100 = 810 Rs. /ha.
  • Insured amount of crops- it is decided by the district level technique committee under chairmanship of District Collector.
  • Alternate of Loss compensation/reimbursement – in case of hailstorm, landslide, or water flooding, compensation will be done on individual basis.
  • Failure of sowing- if sowing is not competed in 75% of crop sowing area then compensation is given by the insurance company. Insurance amount is paid on the basis of average yield data at the end of season.
  • if losses occur 15 days after crop cutting due to unseasonal rain or cyclone then, compensation is provided to farmers accordingly.
  • Procedure of estimating losses reimbursement/compensation-
  • Crop cutting experiment are done by the field agriculture officer or Patwari officers in each patwari halkawise in gram panchayat/gram/village. In this experiment, crop of 5*5meter square area within field is harvested and after threshing, data are taken of wet and dry crop yield. This crop cutting experiment are done by smart mobile application, in this photo are taken of crop field, crop cutting, threshing and weighing of crop yield of 5*5meter square area. All these data are sent online by the help of mobile app. Rational Reimbursement is provided to farmer if the average yield of these experiment is lower than district average yield of last years.
  • In case of loss in crops yields, the insured amount proportionately will come directly and automatically in farmers accounts.
  • For more information farmer can contact banks, primary agriculture cooperative committee, agriculture department, insurance company or online.
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