Improved method Cultivation of Wheat

Cultivation of wheat

Preparation of Land– Plough land two three times by plough. If land has soil clod then rotavator should be used and leveling should be done.

Seed rate– For timely sown variety- 90-100 kg./ha. And for late sown  variety 125 kg/ha.

Spacing-  20-23 cm* 5 cm. row to row and plant to plant.

Sowing time- For early sowing variety- 20 October to 10 November.

For timely sown variety- 10 to 25 November.

For late sown variety – upto 31 December.

HI-1500( Amrita), HI-1531(Harshita), HD-2987(pusa bahar, JW-3020, JW-3173, JW-3211, JW-3269

MP- 3288, DBW-110, HI-1418(naveen chandosi),HI-1479(Swarna), JW-1201, JW-273, JW-322

JW-366, HI-1544(Purna), MP-4010, JW-1202, JW-1203, HD-2932(pusa 111), MP-3336, Raj-4238

HI-8498(malvashakti), MPO-1106(Shudha), MPO-1215, HI-8663(Poshan), HI-8713(Pusa mangal)

HI-8737(Pusa anamol)

Weeding- This may be done manually by the help of Khurpi. Chemical weedicides may be used. For narrow leaves weed sulphosulfuron or chlodinophop or Phenoxyprop methyl may be used and for broad leaves Metasulphuron methyl can be used. There are so many weedicides in the market but purchase weedicide of branded company only. And use as per their recommendation.

Irrigation– If there only one irrigation is available then irrigation should be given be at 21 days after sowing at crown root initiation. If two irrigation is available then first irrigation should be given at 30-45 days and second at 60-70 days after sowing. If three irrigation are available then first irrigation should be given at 20-25 days , second irrigation at 50-55 days and third irrigation at 85-90 days after sowing.

If sufficient water is available then every 20-22 days after irrigation should be given to wheat field.

Control of insect Pest-

Termite- this insect damage the crop and damage the root of the wheat due to which the crop dries. So there is a loss in production.

  1. Mixed the plant/crop residue in the soil by soil turning plough and keep clean the field.
  2. Make a pit of 1 m two feet deep and in this pour the fresh dung. After some time the termite comes on the dung, now chlorpyriphos 40 ml/pump with 15 Liter of water spray on the dung. Entire termite will die.
  3. mix the chlorpyriphos in dust or dung and spread it in the field and give irrigation to control the termite.

Control of Diseases in Wheat-

Smut- in this disease the grain in the ear will fill the dark or brown color powder. Due to which the yield of wheat become lower.

Treatment- Treat the seed with vitavex 3 gram/kg of seed.

Rust- This is three types which affect the stem and leaves and make a loss in the yield.

Control- Spray Carbendazim 30 ml/15 liters of water/pump.

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