Matka Khad

Matka Khad

Matka Khad (Mud Pot Manure) – preparation of organic manure with mud pot –

This is the method in which domestic material is used for the preparation of organic khad at no cost or very little cost.

The material which is used to prepare such manure is found easily at home or at local market and most of the material used in it is purely domestic.

So anyone can prepare this organic manure at home with little try. This organic manure will replace the requirement of chemical fertilizers like DAP, Urea etc, if used properly.

this organic manure is substitute of chemical fertilizers in organic farming. In this manure the absorption rate of the nutrients of the plant is very higher in comparison to chemical fertilizers.

This also makes the soil very favorable to the plant. Because use of this organic manure replace the requirement of chemical fertilizers which make the soil hard and reduce the permeability to water and reduces absorption of the nutrients from the land to the plant.

The use of Matka Khad reduced the cost of cultivation and also decreases the dependency on market. The use of organic manure in crop cultivation increases the quality of the produce and fetches the higher rate of the produce. This high quality produce give a better health to the farmer, or the person who uses this produce and this is also safe for the environment too. Now a day people are very aware to their health so they like very much the organic food or produce. And the farmers earn more profit from the produce by cultivating the land organically.

Procedure of making Matka Khad-

  1. Take a mud pot (Matka) – the mud pod may be old which is not being used at home but the pot should not be broken. The water should not come out from the pot.
  2. One kilogram chickpea flour ( chane ka aata)
  3. One kilogram jaggery (gud).
  4. One handful soil below the tree of peepal (Ficus religiosa), neem or bund of the field.
  5. 15 kilogram fresh cow dung.
  6. 2 liters of cow urine.

Now mix these all thing in water separately and pour in the mud pot if pot is vacant then fill it with the water.

Now shake the entire material by a wooden stick daily for five minutes up to 15 days in clockwise direction.

After fifteen days the organic manure is ready to use.

Now sieve this mix solution with the cotton cloth.

Now this filtered liquid material is used for spray over the crops.

Dose- 250-500 ml/pump of 16 liters waters is sprayed over the crop as per the stage of the crop.

This is fully organic manure which can be used in any crop.

Method of use- It can be sprayed over the crops by using spray pump.

It can be used as drenching in crops which grow at some distance like cotton, vegetable etc.

Or a can which have a tape, filled with the liquid manure is kept at one side of the irrigation channel. The manure come out drop by drop from the can in the irrigation channel and reaches entire the field with irrigation water.

This is the sufficient quantity for one acre land. The spraying of this liquid manure is done every 15 days interval up to the 50% percent flowering is completed.

It will give excellent result. The vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting will be excellent. If farmer is doing organic farming than it is very effective method of fertilizing the crop organically.

This is easy to made, easy to use, very effective organic fertilizer to crop. Anyone can make it home with a little effort and its cost is very little.



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