Organic Compost

Organic Compost-

  • Compost is fully rotten organic manure of animal dung, plant residues and soil. To prepare compost a mixture of dung, plant/crop residues and soil is prepared then it is spread in layers in a compost pit.
  • Compost Pit– to prepare compost a pit has to be made with brick, sand and cement. The size of the pit remains 12*5*3 feet. In this the length is 12 feet, width is 5 feet and height is 3 feet. In this pit some rectangle shape holes are made for aeration. And the floor of pit also made cemented.
  • Filling of Compost Pit – First Round. 1. First spread a layer of 15 cm of animal dung, crop residues and other material which comes from home and from the animal sitting floor.
  • 2. Second layer is made of soil. In this the 5 cm of soil layer is spread over the layer of dung.
  • 3. Now spray mixture of water and animal dung over the layer of soil.
  • 4. Second Round- Repeat the above given method. Spread layer of dung, layer of soil and spray of mixture of water and dung.
  • This procedure of layering is followed till the layers reach at 2-3 feet of height from the edge of the pit.
  • When it fills above the edge now make a layer of dung and water above the heap.
  • Leave this compost pit for 15 days than the weed grow and becomes destroy.  After 15 days make some hole in the dung heap and leave it for 3 month. After 3-4 month the compost will be ready to use. Now it can be used for cultivation of crops. It can be used in any crop.
  • Precaution in composting
  • Some water should be mixed with the dung mixture so that moisture can be maintained in pit.
  • The stone and polythene should be removed from the dung of crop residues.
  • Some water should be sprayed over the heap after some interval.
  • preparation of this compost is very easy with no cost. only  one time expenses is to be done to making pit.
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