Plastic Mulching, Cost 12500/acre-Benefit 2 Lac,

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In this post we will discuss about plastic mulching in which the price of the machine, the price of plastic mulch sheet bundle and the total cost or cost per hectare and its benefits and which crops can be planted in it. its use can earn good returns in farming.

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Due to plastic mulching, the weed outbreak in the crop is less or no weed, because the whole bed is covered so the weed does not grow, if a little bit rises then the plastic does not let it increase so it dies. So, there is no loss or damage in yield due to weed infestation.

Due to mulching, irrigation has to be reduced in the field as the bed   is covered with plastic, the water evaporates less in steam.

Second, during mulching, a line of drip is laid down under plastic sheets, so that irrigation can be done at the time of need. Drip also saves irrigation water. And with drip water, fertigation can be done in the crop, the value of the fertilizers that are dissolved in water is low, they have to be given in small quantities, in drip system the crop uses manure efficiently and the waste will be less.

Insects and diseases are considered less because all crop trees are well sprayed with pesticides.

Price or cost- This machine cost is 45000 rupees. Or the rent mulching machine is 300 rupees per bundle. There are 3 bundles in one beegha or 15 bundles are laid in one hectare. So, rent for one hectare is Rs. 4500.

Price of plastic mulching bundle -One bundle costs Rs 1500-1800 Rs. In one hectare, there are 15 bundles are laid, so the cost of the bundle is up to 22500-2000000 rupees per hectare. So, the total cost – the cost of the machine + bundle price. 4500 + 22500 – 27000 = 27000-31500 rupees per hectare.

You can plant these chilli, tomato, bitter gourd or any other crop through mulching. The crops which has high yield and are much costlier can be grown in this.

Important – The most important thing is that by plastic mulching most of the things get settled. So, the farmer’s attention is more on the crop. Because it saves the cost of irrigation, weed, spray etc. and time spent on it. So, farmers can grow crops easily and can get higher yields.

All this is a new generation’s technology which must be adopted by the farmers.

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