Sale of Fertilizer to the Farmers by POS Machine

Sale of Fertilizer to the Farmers by POS Machine

  • Now the government has started a new method of sale of fertilizers to farmers. By using this method government will identify the real demand of fertilizers and will ensure the supply of the fertilizers to the farmers at rational or printed cost.
  • Procedure of Sale- at Wholeseller and retailer Point- A POS ( point of sale machine) machine will be provided to the whole seller and retailer to sale the fertilizers. the machine will be provided by the fertilizer companies and they will be trained about the operating procedure of the machine.
  • first of all the whole seller ( who is taking fertilizers directly from the company) will have to register his farm with the id number, adhar number and mobile number after that he will have to feed the fertilizer stock in the machine and he will have to register the retailer also.
  • sale of the fertilizers to the farmers– farmers will have to come to the wholeseller and retailer shop to purchase the fertilizer and will have to bring the adhar card.
  • Seller will feed the adhar number in the machine and will verify the farmer by putting his thumb in the machine slot after that the purchased quantity will be feed, after push the enter button and the will come out one for the farmer and other for the seller and now farmer can take the fertilizer.
  • in this machine the bill can be cancelled also.
  • this method is very is easy and beneficial for the farmers and fertilizers seller too.
  • this system will start from 01 November 2017 in most of the state.
  • this year the subsidy will come in the company account but after sometime the farmers will have to purchased the fertilizers at full rate and the subsidy will come in their account after some time.
  • now the government is also linking the acerage of the land to adhar card so that the farmers can purchased required quantity and others bogus farmers could not purchase large quantity.
  • so this method will ensure the true sale or required quantity of the fertilizers and the subsidy on the fertilizers will not go in wrong hand.


11 thoughts on “Sale of Fertilizer to the Farmers by POS Machine”

  1. We are existing retailer. But our POS machine is not working properly last some time. So we want to exchange or new PO machine.

  2. एक किसान एक ही आधार कार्ड पर पूरे पारिवारिक भूमि के लिए अलग अलग केंद्रों से खाद खरीद रहा है जिस से टॉप 20 के श्रेणी में आता है।क्या सॉफ्टवेयर में संशोधन कर क्या ये पता चल सकता है कि एक किसान ने अभीतक कहा से कितनी मात्रा खरीदी है जिस से कालाबाजारी रोकी जा सके क्या pos में किसान द्वारा पूर्व में खरेदी मात्रा डिस्प्ले हो सकती है और कैसे ताकि उसे उसकी धारित भूमि के अनुपात में ही खाद विक्रय हो ।

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