Seed Production Business

“Seed Production”

Seed Production is a very important thing in the cultivation of the crops. The farmers can produced the certified seed easily. Here I am giving the full detail how the farmer can produce seed and how they can sale it to others and can make a huge profit.

Seed production is just like the production of the crops as the farmers are growing from a long time. The procedure of the crop production is well known by the farmers. There is a very small different in crop production and seed production. They have to make a small change in Growing the crops under this they will have do registration and have to follow  some government rule and the other procedure are same like crop production.

  • Seed- We all knows the seed is a very important input in the crop cultivation.
  • If farmers have the best quality seed than their crops will also be excellent.
  • When farmer is growing crops why he cannot produce the seed or can do a seed business.
  • We all know the cost of the seed is much higher than the produce of the farmer. For example the rate of farmer produce like wheat is 1500-1600 Rs. /Quintal and the rate of wheat seed is 3200-3400 Rs/Quintal. So business of the seed production is most beneficial to the farmers.

 Farmers should think about it.

  • Formation of the society– there are so many ways using them farmer can produce seed easily but most convenient way is formation of the society for the seed production. It is the medium size organization under which farmers can start seed production.
  • To make a society, make a group of 21 people or more than 21 people. Among these people select one person as chairmen and other one as secretary.
  • Now give a name of the society as you like… After that collect the document of the farmers and resister the institute as society in the office of the society registrar.
  • Now search a chartered Accountant (CA) in the district. The CA will register your farm as society and he will also register the society in GST also.
  • After the registration open a current account in the bank.
  • Seed License – after this go to the agriculture department with the document and fees of the license and apply for the seed license. The agriculture department will give the seed license for selling of the seed.
  • After that search a seed grading plant in your district. Mostly in each district there is a grading plant. If not found search the list of registered grading plant online on the website of seed certification agency of your state.
  • Make an agreement with them and take permission for grading of the seed.
  • After this decide the quantity of the seed which have to produced.
  • It should not be much less or too high. But it should produce some benefit to the farm/society in first year.
  • Registration for the seed certification-
  • Now search seed certification officer/seed inspector of your area/district.
  • This may be asked to the agriculture department of district or may be found online because in all state there is seed certification agency. Search it there and take the contact number and call to them to find the seed inspector of your area.
  • After that collect the document and fees of certification and register the document for seed certification by the help of seed certification officer.
  • After registration purchase the Foundation seed as per requirement.
  • Sowing of seed is done in the field.
  • During the crop growth the seed inspector will come to inspect the crop for 3-4 times.
  • Follow the instruction of seed inspector.
  • Threshing, storage and Sampling and bagging – Cut the crop and after threshing store it in the godown.
  • The seed inspector will collect the seed sample for testing the moisture percentage, purity percentage, GOT test etc.
  • The testing report will come after that certification tag is provided to society.
  • Now the farmer will have to done grading the seed at grading machine.
  • Now the farmers can fill the bag with certification tag in prescribed quantity.
  • Now this is ready to sale.

Sale of the seed – Now the member of the society can sale their seed to others farmers. Or they may sale their produce by the shop.

  • They can also supply the seed to agriculture department of their district.
  • Subsidy for seed Production – For the seed production government also provide subsidy. For this the society member can contact to the agriculture department.
  • If the society wants to produce seed in more quantity then they can contact to government seed production agency which every year give a requirement of seed. They need a large quantity every year. Society can produce seed to them in large quantity.
  • Loan for the seed Production – society can keep its seed in the registered godown, on the receipt of the godown the bank also provide loan to the farmer at low rate of interest.
  • If society is filling income tax return for previous three year on the basis of that the bank can also give loan to the society for seed production.
  • Special Note- before the starting the business of seed production the one or two member of the society should take training of seed production. There are so many places where they can take the training.
  • And most efficient way is to take a job in some old society which are already producing seed from a long time and deeply watch the procedure of the seed production.
  • It is business which will be very successful there is a no chance of decreasing the demand of the seed.




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