Seed Treatment

Seed Treatment

  • To keep crops free from insect, diseases etc and provide them nutrient element the seed  treatment is done  with fungicides, insecticides and cultures.
  • Benefit of seed Treatment– by the seed treatment the crop is protected at the initial stage of the growth. due to this the crop stand is good and the yield is also good, if in initial stage of growth infected by diseases or others the yield will reduced in huge amount. the cost of seed treatment is also low in comparison to protection of the crops in standing stage.
  • Treatment of seed with fungicides control the soil borne diseases and sapling diseases and save the seed from rotting in the land.
  • The insecticides control the soil insects and save the plant at initial stage
  • And use of culture provides the nutrients to plant.
  • by use seed treatment the vigour and growth of plant is excellent.

There are three pesticides and culture are used for seed treatment.

  • Fungicides –  This is used to seed treatment to control diseases caused by fungus
  • Insecticides– This is used to seed treatment to control the insects damage
  • Cultures– This is used to seed treatment to provides nitrogen nutrient element  by Rhizobium culture and Azoto bacter and Phosphorus nutrient element  by P.S.B cultures
  • Sequence of seed treatment
  • Firstly treat the seed with fungicides.
  • after that  treat the seed with insecticides.
  • At last treat the seed with cultures.
  • To remember we can use the word – FIR
  • F- Fungicide
  • I- Insecticides
  • R- Rhizobium culture
  • Dose of Treatment
  • Fungicides- 2-3 gm/Kg of seed
  • Insecticides- 2-4 ml/Kg of seed
  • Cultures- 10-20 gm/Kg of seed
  • Bio Fungicides- Trichoderma- 5 gm/Kg of seed
  • Treatment material-
  • Fungicides- Carbendazim, Mencozeb, Metalaxil, Agrosan, Vitavax.
  • Insecticides- Choloropyriphos, Imidachloprid.
  • Culture-Rhizobium culture, azotobactor culture,Phosphorus  solubilizing  bacteria, azospirillum, Trichoderma viriedi etc.
  • Method of Seed Treatment-
  • First mix seed with fungicide powder and add some to water and shake it to mix the fungicides thoroughly with the seed. a layer of the fungicides is made over the seed.
  • After sometime mix the insecticides in some water then mix this solution with the seed.
  • After some time mix the seed with culture powder and add some water and gur to stick the powder to seed and
  • Some big farmers also used the seed treatment drum.


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