“Soil Testing Kit”

“Soil Testing Kit”

  1.  Now day very easily nutrient elements, electric conductivity, organic matter of the soil can be tested, for this a soil testing kit is used.
  2. By the soil testing kit a farmer/NGO/institute can test soil.
  3. This kit has the soil testing Machine and all essential chemical.
  4. This kit is made by different of companies in the India.
  5. This is approved by IISS Bhopal & ICAR New Delhi.
  6. This is used at small scale
  7. It has soil testing manual which help in soil testing. By following the instruction written in this manual, soil testing can be done easily.
  8. This kit has all the apparatus and material used in soil testing.

Cost of the Soil Testing Kit.

The cost of this kit is approx. one Lac rupees.

Required Chemicals for Testing.

  1. One another kit also comes with this
  2. It has all the chemicals which require for soil testing.
  3. Chemical remains in bottles.
  4. These bottles have the numbers,
  5. Use the given bottle number according to the manual for soil testing.
  6. By the help of the soil extracted and chemical, soil testing is done.
  7. The cost of chemical kit is approx 17000 Rs.
  • By the use of soil testing kit
  • 16 essential elements of the soil can be tested by this.
  • By one chemical kit 100 soil samples can be tested.
  • For testing more soil sample more chemicals have to purchase.
  • This can be used by a group of farmers which grow commercial crops or some costly crop to test the nutrient capacity of the soil and they can also find the special requirement of the crop.
  • This kit can also be used by the non-profit organization (NGO) at to test the soil of farmers whose with they are working and can get better result in crop production.
  • And the organization which are doing farming at contract basis to test the suitability of land for the crop on the basis of nutrients availability in the soil.
  • And the organization or farmers who are growing crops first time at the land which has been taken on lease or contract from the other farmers.
  • To get the higher yield or better crop production, the soil testing is very essential.



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