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Methods of Making Organic Manure-

  • Bio gas/Gobar Gas-It is made of 2, 3 and 5 cube meters. And mostly for a single farmer 2 cube meter size Gobar Gas is sufficient. In this gobar/dung of animal is mixed in water and pour in the Gobar Gas drum and slurry and gas is produced. Slurry is used for crop growing and gas is used for cooking. In some state in this subsidy is also being provided by the agriculture department for the construction of Gobar-Gas.
  • NADEP TANKA- In this 3*5*12 feet size of tanka is made. 3 feet height, 5 feet width and 12 feet long of brick and cement or mud tanka. This tanka should have hole in the walls for aeration. In this crop residue, dung and waste of home and animal feed is spread layer by layer and after 3-4 month, the manure becomes ready to use.
  • Vermi-Compost- In this old and semi rotten dung, crop residues are spread in tanka and earthworms are leaved in the pit. These earthworms feed on these and convert it in manure in 45 days. In VermiCompost moisture should be maintained and the pit should be covered by the shade or roof.
  • GREEN MANURE- In this Dencha, Sanai, Gwar and Lobea etc may be used for green manuring. In this these crops are grown and after 45 days or before the crop has started flowering these should be mixed in the soil by the plough and then the main crops should be grown.
  • CULTURES – In this many culture are used crop wise.
  • Rhizobium culture- this is used in leguminous crops- soybean, urd, moong etc.
  • Azospirillium- his is used and wheat or cereals crops.
  • Azotobactor culture- this is used and wheat or cereals crops.
  • This culture mixed with the seed of crops then sowing is done with treated seed. These cultures make the environmental nitrogen available to the leguminous crops.
  • PSB culture – this culture makes soil Phosphorus available to the plant and may be used in any crops.
  • MATKA KHAD- In this a mud pot is taken in this 15 kg. Cow/buffallow dung and 2 liters cow urine, 1 kg. field soil and 1000 gm. gud ( jaggery) and 1 kg flour of pulses or gram are taken and one by one all given above should be well dissolved in water, then poured in the matka. After this the mud pot mouth should be tied well with the cloth and keep this in the shade for 14-15 days out the of the reach of children. After fifteen days filter it by the help of cloth and then spray over the crops.   Dissolved this solution in 200 liter water and spray it in one acre. Spray may be repeated after 15 days. In one season crops spray is done for 3-4 times and in long duration crops 8-9 spray should be done.
  • Crushed 5 kg. Neem leaves, crushed nimboli (neem Seed) 1 kg and cow urine 10 liter. Keep these items in a cupper pot for 10 days
  • Or boil this item in 10 kg water. The boiling should be done up to the water remains half the previous quantity. Filter this and make solution of 200 liter and spray in one acre. It will control the pest of the crops.
  • Take 1 kg. Green chili and 500 gm Garlic and crushed them we well separately after that filter this crushed paste in 20 liter water and mix this in 200 lt water and spray this solution in the field.
  • Sources of Organic Fertilizer and Organic Pesticides
  • Dung & urine of cow, buffallowes, goat, sheep etc.
  • Residue of crops.
  • Green manure- Dencha (Sesbania rostrata), gwar and lobea etc.
  • Leguminous crops- soybean, urd, moong, pigeon pea (arhar), groundnut etc,
  • Cultures- Rhizobium, PSB, Azotobacter culture etc.
  • BGA –for cultivation of Paddy.
  • Bone Meal
  • Vermi-Compost and Vermi-Culture.
  • Neem cake, and others cakes
  • Neem oil.
  • Bariyana basiyana- pest control
  • NPV- used in Gram to pest control
  • Trichoderma viridae to control diseases.




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