Source of Information to the Farmers.

Source of Information to the Farmers.

Most of times farmer has the problem that from where he should get information. The information which is being gotten from anywhere is correct or not. Is it authenticated, reliable, and may be used without loss? These types of questions are always raised in the mind of the farmer.

So here I am suggesting some reliable source of information from where farmer can take information.

  1. Krishi vigyan kendre-KVK- these are in most of the district of the state and union territories. Approx 680 kvk are working in India. In kvk the scientist of most of stream of agriculture are found, who give advice to the farmer of its area. Farmer can approach to KVK easily and can ask about the problems.
  2. National Research Centre (NRC) – These are very big research centre which do deep research about a particular crops. Farmers can contact to these centre to get solution for their problems.
  3. Kisan Call Centre (KCC) – These are also available in all state and UT. Farmer can call to this centre where the farmer can get suggestion about the crop production and the agriculture related issues. These centres give suggestion to the farmer in their local language. And call to these centre are also free. The common number for this centre is 18001801551 which connect the farmer call in their own state.
  4. Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) – This is the project of the central government of India. This project is governed by the state agriculture department. In this project the training, farmer tours, kisan sangoshthi, farmer award, kisan mela, capacities building training activities are done. Employee of this project work at Block of the district where farmer can contact to them easily. In this project one farmer friend is appointed at village level for two villages. Farmer can contact to them too.
  5. Agriculture Department- This department of state which also give advice to the farmer and provide agriculture input (seed, pesticides, machinery etc) at subsidy. Most of the subsidy schemes are run by the agriculture Department. Their offices are found at Block and gram panchayat level where farmer can contact to them.
  6. Website- in all state there is website of agriculture and allied departments. On this website the farmers can search the government schemes which are for farmers. Now a day the registration is done on this website to take subsidy on many schemes which is related to farmers.
  7. Mobile App- there are so many app which provide information about the local mandi rate, local Weather report, timely advisory about the crops, library about the package of practices of crop production and in some app if farmer send photo of plant disease or plant insect to them they advice the treatment for that. Ex- kisan suvidha app. Iffco kisan app, etc.
  8. Non-Profit Organization- (NGO). These are also working in most of areas. This work mostly in areas where most of the farmers are below Poverty line (BPL) or belongs to schedule Cast (SC) and scheduled tribe or are marginal and small farmers. So farmers can contact to them for the information.



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