SRI Method of Sowing in Mustard Crop

SRI in Mustard

  • System of root Intensification in Mustard
  • System of Mustard Intensification
  • Mustard is a major oil crop. Oil of mustard is used in cooking.
  • When mustard grain is crushed in oil mil, then as a byproduct cake of mustard comes out which is used as feed to animal. The cake increases the quantity and quality of milk in the animal.
  • Mustard is a major Rabi season crop. Rajasthan is a highest producer of mustard in India.
  • SRI Method of Sowing in Mustard Crop- This is a method of sowing when uses in mustard crop, gives more yield in comparison to normal sowing. In this method nursery is prepared and seedlings are planted in the field.In this method farmers must select high yielding varieties. There are so many private companies which are selling good varieties of mustard crop or may be purchased from else.
  • Material used for sowing in one hectare-
  • Seed 250 gram.
  • 500 ml. gomutra (urine of cow)
  • 500 gram vermi compost/ earthworm compost.
  • 100 gram Gud (jaggery).
  • 1 gram carbendazim or 5 gram trico-derma.
  • 500 ml lukewarm water.
  • Preparation of nursery-
  • Take 500 ml hot water and mix seed of the mustard with water, some shallow or waste seed will float on the water. Remove these waste seed. Now mix gomutra, vermi-compost, and jaggary in the mixture. Now mix these items thoroughly and leave this mixture for six hours in shadow.
  • After this, filter this mixture with the help of cotton cloth.
  • After this treat the seed with Carbendazim or Trichoderma.
  • Now tie this mixture in a wet clothe or jute bag and leave this for 12 hours.
  • After 12 hours the seed will germinate and ready to planting in nursery.
  • Sowing in nursery- Make a sufficient size nursery. Use compost or vermin compost to prepare nursery, and sow these germinated seed.
  • The seedlings are ready to planting in field after 15 to 20 day.
  • The farmer should prepare the field by ploughing and leveling before the planting of seedlings.
  • Manure and Fertilizers- Use 20-30 quintal compost or vermicompost and nitrogen 60 Kg., Phosphorus 40 Kg., Potash 20 Kg., and sulphar 25 Kg./hectare.
  • Mix these all in the field at the last ploughing during the field preparation.
  • Half of the nitrogen quantity is used as basal dose and half the nitrogen is given at the time of irrigation.
  • Planting of seedlings- the seedlings are planted in the field at the distance of 3 feet row to row and 3 feet plant to plant.
  • So the spacing is 3*3 feet in sowing.
  • Weed control- weed control is done manually by the help of khurpi or by hand wheel weeder. This improve the aeration in root of the plant and earthen the plant too.
  • Irrigate as per the need.
  • Benefit of SRI method-
  • The production of crop increased, using this method of sowing.
  • The seed rate remains very low in comparison to normal sowing.
  • Weed, diseases and insect control are easy because spacing is more in between the plants and rows.
  • the weeds remain very low in such type of sowing.
  • In this method the growth and branching in plant are high so the yield is more.

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