Vermi Compost

Vermi Compost

Vermi-compost– this is the organic manure which is made by earthworm.

This has the entire essential element which is required by the plant.

Earthworm– These are small size earthworm which feed on dung, their feeding speed is fast in comparison to local earthworm (desi Earthworm. The earthworm used in the vermi composting are pink, red color, small in length, travel to a small height up to 1-1.5 feet  and they feed on dung.  

  •  Local earthworms are big in length and they eat soil. They dug deeply in the soil. They are also helpful for the farmer but cannot be used for making organic fertilizer or manure.
  • Vermi Composting Pit-
  • Size of the pit- The most ideal size for vermicomposting is 12*4*2,means 12 feet length, 4 feet width and 2 feet height. The wall in just middle of the pit is made, this wall with some small size hole.
  • Other size may be used for this. The size may be 6*4*2, 7*3*1 feet*feet*feet. Or may be other size.
  • This vermi pit may be made of brick and cement, or it may be of polythene, or may be made by digging a pit of desire size in the land and the polythene should spread in the pit.
  • Now make a hut with straw, net, iron or plastic sheets over the pit. So that there will be shade over the dung & earthworm.
  • It all depends on your budget.
  • Filling of the vermi pit– 1. Spread the fresh collected dung in the pit up to 1-1.5 feet height. And pour continuously half bucket of water daily up to 20-30 days on the dung after this it will be half rotten.
  1. Take 30-45 days old half rotten dung and spread it in the pit. Spray half bucket of water daily up to 5-6 days. Now check it by hand or finger, it is now cold or not. There should be no warmness in the dung; otherwise this warmness will be harmful to the earthworm. And the composting will not be in well way. So take care of it.
  • Earthworm putting in the pit– Now put earthworm in the pit at one corner in the pit and covers with the dung. From this one side when the composting started, the earthworm will spread in the entire pit and composting will continue till complete composting.
  • Take care during vermicomposting- maintain the moisture and shade in the pit. So keep spraying water to maintain the moisture in the pit after some interval.
  • Compost- after 45-60 days the vermicompost will ready for use.
  • Filling of new dung for composting again- 1. Now make a heap of the compost and wait for sometime then the earthworm will go down now upper compost is removed, then again heap of the compost is made, again earthworm will go down, remove the upper compost. This process is keep continue now the most of the compost is separated from the earthworm.
  • At the end let remains some quantity of compost with the earthworm. Compost is not removed completely.
  • Now the reaming heap with compost and earthworm is poured in pit filled with dung.
  1. second method- In this the ready compost with the earthworm is brought to one side of the pit very slowly without more disturbance and at other side new half rotten dung is spread and sprayed with the water. Now both the new and ready compost end is keep in contact of each other. Now the earthworm will move to new dung and keep composting. This is very safe method.
  2. if pit is of 12*4*2 feet size with the holed wall then fill the dung and earthworm one pit and spread dung only in other part of the pit when the composting complete in one pit the earthworm will move to one part of the pot to other portion. Keep spraying water in both the portion of the pit.
  • Now the separated fully made compost is kept in the gunny bag or may be used in crop cultivation.
  •  After five-six month or further the quantity of the earthworm increases many times more so this extra quantity of earthworm may be used in the other pit or may be sold to others farmer. By this farmer can earn money by selling the earthworm and vermi compost to the other farmers.
  • Taking  or move earthworm from one place to other place- to this keep the earthworm in a small size bag which should not have any hole or plastic crate with some amount of compost. The entire earthworm will go inside the compost. The amount of the compost should be as the earthworm should not be seen out. They should move completely inside the compost. Spray some quantity of water over the compost. Now they can be taken from one place to others without any problem. They will not move outside the bag or plastic crate. They remain in the compost only. So transportation is also easy. The height of heap of compost and earthworm should not be more than one 1-1.5 feet. They should be proper aeration in the bag. The mouth of the bag should be opened.
  • Vermi-Wash- when the pit of the vermicompost is made of brick and cement then bottom of one corner of the pit a small size hole with pipe is kept so that the excess water comes out from the pit this water is collected in the pot. This is called vermi- wash and is used for spraying in the crop. It works as nutrient supplier to plant and give good result.
  • In one year 6-7 times compost is made. One pit will full fill fertilizer requirement of one acre. In one year the quantity made by earthworm is 30-40 quintal.
  • Composition of Vermi compost-
  • Nitrogen- 2-3 %
  • Phosphorus- 1-2 %
  • Potash- 1-2 %
  • And other micronutrients.
  • It’s mean in 2 kg nitrogen, 1 kilogram Phosphorus and 1 kilogram Potash in 100 kg vermicompost.
  • If we assume that in one year the quantity vermin compost made is 30 quintal.
  • Then in this vermi compost amount of nutrient will be-
  • Nitrogen- 60 kilogram.
  • Phophorus- 30 kilogram,
  • Potash – 30 kilogram.

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